Vintage Bus in Aberystwyth!!! Awesome!!

Road trip!

So, I had a weird experience right. I’ve been going to Cardiff market for years, but only this week did I notice the plaque for Dic Penderyn on the St Mary’s street side of the building. 

It’s weird, ‘cos I’ve been shopping in the market for years - and I’ve just been reminded that a guy my age, who lived in Merthyr, was hanged there for a crime he didn’t commit. 

He was only 23. I’ve been fiddlin’ with some lyrics about it. If you’ve got any lines you’d like me to include, let me know. I’m all for a collage song. Feel free to post some stuff below or email

Pic: anterotesis

How To Make A Rose… With A Napkin

Feelin’ kinda nostalgic I guess. Feelin’ kinda nostalgic I guess. Feelin’ kinda nostalgic I guess.

Feelin’ kinda nostalgic I guess.

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Found… part 3.

I’ve been cleaning out drawers today. Love / hate that job. Found some rubbish. Found some treasure. Rubbish included old receipts stuck together with chewing gum, or as we called it at school ‘chud’. Treasures, if I can call it that, includes this piece of work I did at year nine in school. Now I’m not sayin that the work is good, but the memories in it are. It was a piece of homework. I wrote about all the buskers round Cardiff. (I think I used to be cool then). Anyway, it’s here if anyone fancies a read!

Found… part 2

Found… part 1

Rip it up and start again